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Authentic FlyteCo Glasses - Full Set 4 Pack

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You wouldn't offer your friends a styrofoam cup to drink craft beer... 

You'd offer them a premium, high-quality, sturdy glass to make their drink that much more enjoyable. Now you can get a full set 4 pack for you and your drinking buddies. 
Get a discount when you buy a full set versus a single glass!

Choose 4 Tulip glasses, 4 Pints glasse, or 2 of Each and fill it with some of our best selling craft beers

Why Get Two Glass Sizes:

  • 19oz Pint Glass: Perfect for lagers, IPAs, Ambers, and Porters. 
  • 14oz Tulip Glass: Perfect for sours, hazy IPAs, big beers, Belgians, and Barleywines.