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Airplane Flyte Tray - Get 4 Glasses for Free!

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This High Quality, Precision Laser-Engraved, Wooden Flyte Tray is the perfect addition to anyone's beer / hosting collection. Do you know someone that loves flying and drinking quality beers? Now they can bring the feel of an authentic craft brewery to your own home. Each tray is personally made from a unique piece of wood so you can expect a unique coloration with each order. 

BONUS: When you buy this Speciality Wooden Flyte Tray, you'll also get the Matching Set of 4 Glasses for FREE! 

Plane Specs: 19.5" Wingspan, 11.75" Nose to tail, Fuel Volume - 4 Glasses of Beer 

Bonus Glasses: 4 x 5oz footed taster glasses

Extra Feature: As show in the photos, these trays also make the perfect centerpiece for carrying multiple snacks, dips, or party appetizers. 

Contact us for a discount on bulk orders (+2 trays).